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College student learns how a hole got in her ceiling and it’s hot dogs

When college student Erin White asked the boys who previously lived in her house about the mysterious hole in the ceiling, she wasn’t prepared for their explanation. 

When you picture holiday spirit, what do you think about? Ugly knit sweaters, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, hanging mistletoe — all of that cozy, feel good holiday cheer. 

This group of boys apparently didn’t have mistletoe on hand when they accidentally destroyed the ceiling. Instead, they suspended hot dogs tied to strings from the ceiling and called the masterpiece “hot dog mistletoe.” 

And it’s not just a single hot dog on a string. The boys stuck many of them to the ceiling, filling the room with uncooked sausages that look like a glorious flock of birds mid-flight. 

Big mood. 

Once the hilarious tweets started going viral, the boys who previously lived there found it. 

The installation reminded some people of this scene from Freddy Got Fingered.

Alternative name for this art piece: “Sausage Party.” 

Lesson learned: If you tape dozens of hot dogs to the ceiling, you probably won’t get your security deposit back. 

If you’re ever trying to add some decorative pizzazz to your home for the holidays, try hot dog mistletoe!

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