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Comcast and Amazon are partnering to bring Prime Video to Xfinity X1

Not all cable companies are afraid of streaming. Some, in fact, are embracing it.

Comcast announced on Thursday that Amazon Prime Video is coming to Xfinity X1. This will allow users to access the service directly from their set-top boxes.

This is the first time a cable company has made Prime Video available from a set-top box. Comcast lets people stream YouTube and Netflix — and access live TV, DVR, and On Demand content — from the same box.

Customers will be able to launch Prime Video with their X1 Voice Remote. And if they have the right equipment, they can watch 4K content from Amazon. 

The move might not stop everyone from canceling their contracts. But offering streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video is a good way for cable companies to keep younger customers around — at least for a little while. 

While the partnership was announced today, Comcast said customers won’t get access to Prime Video until later this year. 

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