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How to find your hidden inbox for Twitter DMs

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Your inbox on Twitter will undergo a slight, but an ever-important change in the coming days.

Twitter is in the process of rolling out a second direct message inbox, where messages from those you don’t follow will wind up.

The “Requests” inbox is similar to Facebook’s other inbox, where it requires you to accept or deny a message before the person knows you’ve seen it.

You may not be able to see the new inbox quite yet, but this is where to find it:

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET
  • Open the iOS or Android Twitter app, or visit Twitter.com
  • Tap the Messages tab
  • Along the bottom of the screen will be two options: Inbox and Requests.
  • The latter is where you can view messages from accounts you don’t follow. Open a conversation to approve or delete a message. 
  • Once you approve a message, any future messages from the same account will go directly to your Inbox.

Twitter is slowly rolling out the feature, so you may not have it yet. I can see the new inbox on my Android app but Twitter.com and the iOS app are still showing the older version. 

If you still use a third-party Twitter app, you won’t see the second inbox — at least for the time being. The third-party app you use will keep showing you the inbox you can already see.

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