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AutoComplete: 19 states plus DC sue the EPA over emissions rollbacks – Video

Here’s what’s making news on Road Show.
The Trump administration is making moves to weaken fuel economy and admissions regulations, but California, Washington DC, and 18 other states are making like Dee Snyder and refusing to take it.
The move also seeks to revoke the California waiver which allows the Golden State to set its own admissions guidelines if That they’re more strict than the federal ones.
California Governor Jerry Brown has vowed to, and I’m quoting here, fight the stupidity in every conceivable way.
General Motors builds the View Envision in China for two main reasons.
First, it’s Sells a whole hell of a lot of them there, around 210,000 of them last year in fact.
And second, it’s cheaper to build there and ship here here where it’s a much slower seller.
What has the General worried is the current presidential administration’s tariffs on Chinese made goods as it would kill profitability on the Envision, [UNKNOWN].
Will it get a pass?
Should it?
You tell us.
Indian manufacturer, Mahindra was trying to bring it’s tiny bundle of retro style turbo diesel joy, aka the Roxor, to the US.
But big bad Fiat Chrysler is trying to put the kibosh on the whole thing, saying that it infringes upon it’s intellectual property.
For those that don’t know, the Roxor is a tiny two seater off road vehicle that looks like a World War Two era Willy’s Jeep and we fully expect that if allowed to be sold here, it would become the auto of the trails.
Find more on these stories over at theroadshow.com, we’ll talk to you monday.

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