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Keep your kitchen knives sharper and safer – Video

[MUSIC] One of the most dangerous thing in the kitchen is the dough knife.
they easily slip or slide over food instead of cutting through it.
That’s is risky for serious accident.
Here is how to keep your kitchen knife nice and sharp.
If you have knife that’s slightly dough, you need to hone it.
Essentially, to straighten or realign its edge.
And to do that, you’re going to have to use a honing steel.
Start by placing the end of the steel’s rod on a flat surface.
Next, hold the steel upright with your non-knife hand.
Now, place the bottom edge of the knife onto the steel.
Make sure to angle the blade between 15 and 20 degrees in relation to the steel.
Also rest your fingers, holding the knife safely on the knife grip behind the heel.
Now drag the blade downwards along the steel.
At the same time, hold the knife carefully towards you.
Go slowly at first to get the hang of it.
Repeat this action three to four times.
Next, do the same on the knife’s other side on the opposite side of the steel.
The most basic way to sharpen a knife is with a wet stone.
Most wet stones are rough on one side and smoother on the other.
Start with the core side up.
Secure the stone on a flat surface.
Next, wet the knife blade with little water, this lowers friction.
Now place the knife on the stone.
The tip of the knife should point away from.
From you, rest your fingers on the flat of the blade while your thumb remains on the handle grip, drag your knife across the wet stone in a circular motion keeping the angle constant, do this three to four times flip the knife over and repeat on the stones smooth side.
The process is similar with an electric sharpener these products have slots for honing and for sharpening.
To use drag the knife through each slot slowly.
Spinning grinding wheels keep the blade at the correct angle.
With these techniques in your toolbox, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen knives sharper and safer for years to come.

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