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10 gift ideas for your friend whose New Year’s resolution is to lose weight

There comes a time during the holidays, after eating the turkey and the ham (or the tofurkey and latkes), when someone in your life will say it: I’m going on a diet … right after this next slice of pie. 

After the gluttony comes the remorse and the eventual New Year’s resolution to hit the gym. But one often needs more than a treadmill to shed the holiday eating guilt (and extra pounds). 

Here are some positive, health-affirming gift ideas for the person in your life who keeps talking about kicking off a new lifestyle come Jan. 1. (Hey, it’s OK if it’s you!)

There are a lot of diets out there, but once you get past the buzzwords, one thing is clear: You need to burn more calories than you consume. Prepping well-portioned meals — and sticking to them without cheating — is an efficient way to help you do just that. Grab a 16-pack of these dishwasher-safe plastic containers with three compartments, or try an alternative glass container (both hold 36 ounces) for your health-minded friend.

Price: $24.87 (for plastic) or $44.97 (for glass)

I got an Inspiralizer for the holidays a few years ago and love it. There’s so much more to this kitchen appliance than zucchini noodles: Try sweet potato noodles with a fried egg on top for a weekend brunch treat, or carrot rice for a seafood paella. The Inspiralizer has four blades: ribbon, linguine, spaghetti, and fettuccini. Encourage your giftee to follow the brand on Instagram for recipe tips and pretty pictures of spiralized vegetables. The woman who invented the product also has a cute baby — it’s always a plus to see a baby in your feed. 

The Ninja personal blender is perfect for all those smoothies your friend will soon be drinking. It’s pricier than the popular Magic Bullet, but it’s a pro at blending kale into a smooth liquid. No one wants kale bits in their smoothie. 

OK, standup desks are pricey. Even the contraptions that let you convert your existing desk to a standing option are pricey. So this is a gift for someone you really care about — maybe even yourself, hmm? Home office makeover anyone? This version from IKEA is relatively affordable.

If your friend or family member is going to start jogging, spare them those annoying wired headphones that pop out of the jack with an awkward arm swing. Also, the thing about running on the street is you want to be able to hear if someone is behind you or if a car is driving by. Keep your giftee safe with these bone-conduction headphones from Trekz Titanium by AfterShockz. The earbuds sit just in front of your ear rather than inside, and runners swear by them. The Trekz Air are more flexible, but also more expensive.

If bone-conduction headphones are out of your budget, consider a phone armband for the new jogger in your life. But do your research first: What kind of phone does your giftee have? This armband covers lots of the bases and can fit an iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, Galaxy S9, S8, S7, S6, or Google Pixel. It also has a nifty slot for a house key. 

7. CSA box

If you want to get healthier, you usually want to eat more fruits and veggies. A unique option for the new veggie lover is a CSA box. CSA stands for “community-supported agriculture,” and the boxes include fruits, vegetables, and sometimes eggs, dried foods, and meat delivered from a local farm on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You can buy three, six, or 12-month subscriptions as a gift. Since CSAs are local, you’ll have to Google around to find an option near the person you’ll be bestowing a bounty of healthy goods.  

Price: Varies, but tends to run at $25 to $35 a box, depending on size

I like to think of gifts as something I know a loved one would never get for themselves but that they deserve. A new yogi may not spend $80 on a mat, but the splurge will be worth it in the end. This mat is sturdy and dense. Leave a note in the card to check out Yoga with Adriene for free online yoga classes.

If you’re feeling generous, go the extra step and get yoga blocks and a strap. Blocks will help beginners as they learn new poses, and the strap can also be used for stretching after those jogs we talked about earlier. 

Fitbit makes a lot of devices, so it can be hard to wade through them all and pick the right one. If you’re looking for one that’s focused on step and calorie counts, and is waterproof for all that swimming your health-conscious friend will do, go with the Flex 2. Con: There’s no display, so your gift recipient will have to be willing to use the companion app to check their stats (and not be sad about missing the time). 

When that special someone says they’re ready to start their post-feast diet, just nod and smile. You’ll know you got them a gift they’ll use in the new year.

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