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New PUBG winter map, Vikendi, revealed at Game Awards 2018


Winter is coming to PC tonight.

CNET screenshot

Just in time for Fortnite’s own winter event to debut, PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds is kicking off its own winter celebration with a new map that’s available tonight on PC test servers, and on Xbox One and PS4 in January.

The 2018 Game Awards reveal only offered a fleeting glimpse at what the Vikendi map looks like, but Vikendi is confirmed to pit two teams of six against each other, with players leaving trackable footprints in the snow and a snowmobile added to the game’s repertoire of vehicles.

PUBG is currently available on PC and Xbox One, with the PS4 version making its debut Friday.

You can watch the rest of the Game Awards’ new trailers, reveals and winners right here, or watch the reveal trailer. And check out Gamespot for more PUBG coverage.

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