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Handmade jukebox plays music when you swipe a card

We can all appreciate a handmade gift, but this is on another level. Designer Chris Patty was challenged by his family to create something that wasn’t store-bought, and so he made a nifty jukebox for his dad this Christmas. It’s no regular jukebox, obviously: To play songs, you pick a …

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Google Assistant will now donate to your favorite charity

Google Assistant will now help you donate to a charity with a single command.Image: mashable/lili sams By Rebecca Ruiz2019-01-01 17:22:27 UTC Donating money to a charity or nonprofit organization just got easier for people who use Google Assistant. The voice-activated program now responds to commands to “donate to a charity” …

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Best travel pillows for 2019

Travelling can be tedious, especially if you’re trying to cram a lot in a small space. With valuable storage decreasing on airplanes, you need a travel pillow that’s compact and out of the way.  Enter Travelrest, an inflatable travel pillow that’s rollable and small enough to fit in a pocket. …

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Amazon sends customer a picture of their package mid-air

As the holidays wrap up, so, too, do the constant deliveries. But not before one Reddit user got quite a surprise: Amazon’s picture-proof alert for his delivery captured his package in mid-air, flying toward his front door.  That’s quite a toss, to be honest, and even better photo-capturing skills. And …

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