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Could the Galaxy S10 look like this?

Samsung’s One UI over Android Samsung unveiled One UI, its new smartphone user interface, in November. Samsung confirmed with CNET that this UI will come to future phones in the coming year. That would extend to the Galaxy S10, influencing the way the phone’s apps and menus look. One UI …

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NASA’s InSight lander finds its best angle with Mars selfie

NASA/JPL-Caltech InSight, welcome to the ‘gram, my clever robot friend.* NASA’s Mars lander has been stretching and snapping photos of the martian landscape and bits of itself since its successful landing on Nov. 26. It’s even captured the dim rumbling of the Martian winds. However, it’s been missing a crucial …

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Huawei executive granted $10M bail by Canadian court

Supporters of Meng Wanzhou demonstrate outside the British Columbia Superior Courts. Jason Redmond / AFP/Getty Images A top executive for Huawei has been granted bail by a Canadian court while she awaits a hearing on her possible extradition to the US. Meng Wanzhou, the Chinese telecommunications giant’s chief financial officer …

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